Well-being and prosperity

My main youtube video channel is

I started teaching teenagers how to trade items within a game.  My main objective was to teach the concepts of financial literacy and trading.  

After receiving feedback mainly as questions from the early youtube videos game me questions that people wanted answered and was the basis of a printed book and e-Book "Game Play: How To Merch and Make Millions".


I used the Youtube videos to generate traffic to my website and each video would go to a landing page.  The purpose of the landing page was to capture lead information for those who were interested.


Initially I had a good response from the videos and I was able to convert leads into sales of the eBook.  What I found, however, was that over time people uploaded my eBook to file sharing sites and also published similar content on their own websites to the point where the product is no longer viable.  This means that over time I would need to produce new and innovative content to retain the audience and for the selected market niche I have determined that the propensity to pay is low.  So the particular product has been withdrawn from sale and we are looking at other niche markets.


Some of the key factors that I have learned from creating Youtube videos is:

1) Cover one key concept or idea

2) Make it a 'how to'

3) Keep the video length to 2-3 minutes

3) Don't over-produce the video with background music or special effects.  Keep it simple and real.

4) Say what you need to say in different ways

5) Tell them what to do next (visit my website,  ....)

6) Provide a link to your website in the first line of the video text.  People are lazy and won't want to click on anything

7) Provide a specific landing page or URL so that you can track which videos generate the most traffic

8) Collect comments and questions from the videos to determine what people actually want.



Having at least one video on the main page of your website will increase retention of views and improve ranking in search engines.