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Glen Smith: Self Love Meditation


Well, without self-love, it’s easy for  people make you feel unloved, abandoned or rejected.   Life can be difficult and unfulfilling.  People can sometimes make you feel like you are not a good person.


If you feel unloved then you may tend to be a people - pleaser, always worrying about what other people think of you.  This leads to people taking advantage of you and a deep sense of insecurity.  


Do you take care of yourself as a priority?  Failing to put yourself first and not working on the things that you feel are important leads to a feeling of worthlessness and emptiness.


If people say that you are not good and you are not doing things that are important to you, this will go to heart.  


Do you feel competent and confident in the things that you do?  If you don’t and people criticise you then it will make you get angry and hurt very quickly.


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