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This is a game where you practice asking a question from a question. It???s a lot of fun, especially if you can get 4 or more people on a chat or in real life to do this. The tactic of asking a question from a question is a valuable skill, so practice this game until you can do it naturally as it is very useful. See the other thread ???How To Ask A Question From A Question??? for more details on its application. Special thanks to Sea Crystals for sharing the rules of this game with me.

The Objective Of The Game
The goal of the game is to make the other person make a statement. When a person makes a statement that is not in the form of a question then they lose. After 15 minutes of play it is a tie.

The Rules
A person starts with question. The other players must respond with a question that is related to the first question. If there are more than 2 players then start by responding in order and when comfortable allow free for all.
[Player A] ???Do you like my red shirt????
Example responses:
[Player B] ???No??? - (Player B Loses)
[Player B] ???Are you an alien???? ??? (Player B loses because the question was not related)
[Player B] ???Why do you like red so much???? ??? (Good reply, player A must now answer this question)
[Player A] ???Who said I like red a lot???? ??? (good Reply)

The best way to start a sentence is with what, why, who, where or when. 

That???s all the rules I have. Please don???t play this on the main clan chat but do go ahead and set up your own clan chat for this game. (Does anyone want to host this on their rs account?) Play this game on the ventrilo server.