Well-being and prosperity

The Roles

In a couple, one of the partners takes on the male role predominantly making the logical decisions.  The other takes on the role of the female role to make emotional decisions.   The importance of this is that logical decisions tend to be made in the frontal cortex whereas emotional decisions are often based in the Amygdala in the limbic system.  In some relationships the roles between partners may be reversed where the guy takes on the emotional role and the girl takes on the male role.  This can cause discord if it is incongurent with their core values.  Particularly a woman that is forced to take on a logical role will resent and disrespect the man not taking on the logical role.  This all happens subconsciously and the woman and man may not know what the causality is.


For a single I expect that the person takes on both roles.  

The contemporary male role is defined as the social provider and the social protector.  This is a shift in thinking from the contemporary role as income provider.  

The social provider role is the creation of order within the relationship, activities and plans to experience life.

The social protector role is to stand up for the partner, family and friends to look after their wellbeing and to make them feel valuable through encouragement.

The female role is defined as the empathizer.  This includes comforting and supporting the partnership and bringing emotional qualities to it.