Well-being and prosperity

It's pretty clear to everyone that we think both emotionally and logically. It seems to me that there are two parts of the mind when it comes to decision-making. It also seems that when we make a decision that both the logical mind and emotional mind must agree, otherwise we are indecisive or uncommitted to the decision. So if you are finding that there are decisions that you have to make where you keep swapping your answer, is it a case of the emotional mind and logical mind not agreeing and how do you resolve it? For example, what sort of car will I buy, one that is cheap to run or one that makes me feel good. My emotions said one thing and logic another. 

This type of discernment doesn't just apply to purchasing items but other areas like who to be friends with, satisfaction with life and many other areas as well.

This may not be the same for everyone but my first question is what is the purpose of emotional vs logical thinking and what are their strengths and weaknesses? I believe that emotional thinking is what makes us feel happy or sad, comfortable or uncomfortable, safe or unsafe, loved or unloved and perhaps a few more. The emotional mind is also very good at 'joining the dots' and working with highly incomplete information. Women are typically much more intuitive and capable with this type of thinking. Logical thinking on the other hand is goal-seeking such as gathering resources, competition, power play and control. It also includes spacial geometry and engineering. Logical thinking does not work well with incomplete information and does not resolve into action without reasoning behind the decision. Men are typically better at logical thinking than women particularly in engineering and logically focused tasks.

When we come to a decision, lets say to buy a car, then we have to satisfy both the emotional and logical minds to make that decision. Men in particular will often disguise their emotional reason for buying a car and only put forward a logical one "This one has the best fuel economy in its class" might be the logical reason but the emotional reason might be the status and comfort of a luxury car that isn't really that economical anyway. What is the true importance of a motor vehicle? Is it the fuel economy or how it makes you feel? 

Unfortunately the emotional mind is not very good at making social decisions.  In fact it is down right dangerous to rely on the emotional mind to make social decisions, such as anxiety about making friends.  It's really good for mission-critical decision making like keeping us out of danger, like a car crash occurring in front of you or hostile/predatory behavior potentially affecting you. The emotional mind always assumes the worst, looking for dangers so an over-active emotional response can be counter productive at times.

Where the emotional mind makes a non-critical decision, there should be logical evidence to back up a projection.

When setting goals, I have modified my model to include nonattachment to the outcome.  This is to disconnect the emotion from the goal, somewhat counterintuitive to a lot of the contemporary goal-setting paradigms.  If you think about it, however, it is very obvious in many goals such as stock trading or real-estate trades to stay non-attached to the outcome but equally or even more important in social contexts such as making friends and acquaintances or potential romance partners.