Well-being and prosperity


The surprising science of happiness

In the video below, Dan Gilbert discusses the science of happiness.



As a priority I have been working on separating my identity from my roles to ensure that self esteem comes from my identity itself, not from the roles that I manifest.  This ensures that manifested roles stay outcome-detached and this is important to create an unlimited supply of self esteem.  So it is nice to receive additional appreciation from playing a role but essentially unnecessary for my own wellbeing.  This is the basis of an emotional wealth strategy and to mitigate poverty or limited emotional wealth strategies such as enmeshed, unrequited, co-dependent patterns leading to unfulfilling or poor self esteem.

A part of the process has involved identifying my core values and through the use of abstraction to test them against my roles to check for good fit.  After completing this step I moved on to making a Self Acceptance statement.


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