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What is Compassion

Typically compassion is shown through empathy starting with one's self and extending out to others around them.

It means to observe and understand someone's suffering from the behaviors that they are exhibiting.  These could often be negative behaviors.

Both men and women value the demonstration of compassion highly, as it shows a high propensity towards kindness and acceptance meaning that the person is non-threatening

Listen, be attentive, reflect, validate, support, engage, respect

Listen to what the person has to say.  Do not be dismissive of their statements or behavior.  Reflect what has happened before reacting to the situation.  Validate the other person's point of view.  Support them where necessary and appropriate.  Engage them in conversation and actions to sooth and comfort them.  Respect that their decisions were made from their perspective.  Often appropriate light physical touch in conjunction with words of affirmation is highly effective in displaying compassion.