Well-being and prosperity

Ok we all know how the belief cycle works - that beliefs affect your emotions, emotions affect your actions and the feedback from your actions affect your beliefs.  

What this doesn't show, however, is where your edges are.  What does an edge feel like as we get close to a limiting belief?  I have put together the following image  to show that as we withdraw into our shell we feel depressed.  While we are comfortable we feel at peace but this is not a long term state to be in either.  It's when we start getting close to our limiting beliefs that we go into flow, find challenge and excitement.  Go too far and we start to experience fear and anxiety.  The more that we accept our feelings and sit in them without running away, the more we can grow by expanding our edges.

Here is the model.  (It's black because it's one of my desktop backgrounds :))

Take the whole black part as everything that I perceive that might impact or affect me in some way.  Obviously there are things that exist that might be a threat to me but I don't perceive them so they are not on the map.  Also the perception of risk increases as I move away from the center.  I put depression and despair in the middle as I perceive these are the things that happen when we take no risk at all and try and stay completely safe.  

No part of the circle is bad or good, rather staying in one of the circles for a long time is not good.  I practice fluctuating in and out of my circle of belief, sometimes near the edge trying to expand my boundaries and at other times retreating.  Feelings are not good or bad, so it is a matter of observing one's feelings and accepting them rather than trying to medicate to experience or avoid any particular feeling.

Once I was doing wrestling training and my training partner dislocated my shoulder by accident.  The pain was very strong but from my years of experience in stretching in martial arts, I knew to focus on relaxing into the pain and not trying to resist it.  Emotional pain, while perhaps not as extreme can be debilitating just the same.  Having fear of rejection, embarrassment, being un-noticed, anger or regret can make one try and medicate against them or avoid them, rather than compassionately accept that those feelings are there for a reason.  I describe this process as burning my feelings as is seems to build depth of character.