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Quite often we can do shadow work on emotions, clear the fear of rejection, fear of asking for help, fear of criticism but there can also at times be an underlying theme of lack of worthiness.  This can limit one's experience since often it kind of lingers in the background as a general feeling rather than a belief.

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Embracing our triggers and negative emotions 

Amanda Flaker: Paying attention to our triggers from other people as to how it shows us where to work on ourlselves.  


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How to receive love 

How can we receive love?  If there seems to be an alterior motive then perhaps it's quite difficult to receive love.

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Don't just think of the positive 

Shadow work is one of the most important aspect of healing and personal development.

If you want to explore shadow work with me then please feel free to book in for a 50 minute Skype session.


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Emotional Healing 

True Transformation

What is emotional healing?

Most of us base our reality on our memories, particularly of our childhood.  There is a story that there was an alcoholic father with two sons.  

The first son says "My father was an alcoholic so of course I am an alcoholic too".

The second son says "My father was an alcoholic so I have never touched it"

People show this example to explain that two people can experience the same thing and apply different meaning.  This part is true but I do have a problem with both of these.

The thing is that both of them are basing their present and future on their past experience.  Tying what we have experienced to our present and future is understandable but often unnecessary.  If the belief is that I am a certain way because I am like my father is a limiting belief.  If I create my own reality I don't need to be either like or unlike my father, I only need to express myself fully feeling that I ultimately have the choice to act in any moment the way I feel irrespective of how I perceived my father.  I break my experience now from the experience of my past.

If you are interested in how to do this then you are welcome to book in for a free 50 minute Skype call as a discovery session.


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Server Crashed :/ 

A couple of weeks ago my database crashed.  Had to end up rolling back a couple of months :/  

I have done a lot of work over the last year, starting off with self-acceptance and self-compassion.  

A part of the work has been mindfulness - the ability to observe my feelings without reacting to them.   This technique allows the removal of direct focus of an intense emotion but its useful as avoidance of an experience.  I have also come to recognise myself as an empath and an emotional healer.  I didn't really believe the endochronology, showing my eostrogen  levels more than 25 times over the maximum for either men or women but it also explains that my emotional sensitivity goes beyond psychology - it's phsyologically based as well.  

I have performed a lot of work by clearing limiting beliefs, healing childhood memories and the like.  I have also discovered my shadow side and explored my shadow values.  

Now that I am in charge of creating my own reality, I choose how to interpret my reality in a way that suits me.  It doesn't mean that every experience is rosy and is full of joy.  Rather, I choose to feel my emotions rather than to avoid them.  I find myself in conflict at work.  I'm forming a new set of values:

No guilt

No judgement

No fear

By no guilt, I mean that I am not ashamed of who I am.  I do what I believe that is in the best interest of me, my colleagues and my work.  If someone judges my on my conduct then that is their free choice.  It's not for me to feel guilty.

I should not form judgment against my aggressors.  They act from their perspective and I expect that they justify their actions based on their life experiences.  It serves me better to take at least three different perspectives but ideally six.  This gives me an advantage in terms of strategic understanding and gives me power to act outside of personal experience not limited by judgment.

I have no fear in the actions that I take.  I'm living in the present moment, so any projection of what the future may hold is exactly that.  Since I control my own reality I project growth from the experience.  This allows me to act without fear to do what is in the best interest of my personal development.


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Magic Circles 

Magic Circle is a term coined for people in game-play where they adopt a new set of rules or social values to experience life in a different, imaginary way.  I propose that we are always within a magic circle - or rather a social framework where certain rules, values and expectations are set upon us.  To a very large extent, those rules or limitations are set and created by us and to a lesser degree they are also set by society and the groups that we associate with.

I propose that becoming aware of what social values we apply to ourselves dictates how we behave.  On the weekend, for example, I was at a millionaire conference.  For the most part I was the new me, being able to quickly and easily make new friends.  I connect rapidly at a personal level.  I often hug or give appropriate touch to signal openness and connection.  I mostly hug women but also I hug some of the men as well so there are no boundaries in that respect.  Yet in one of the breaks, I stepped out and somehow slipped back into my old reality and instantly became invisible to the crowd.  I felt awkward and insecure, avoiding eye contact and not connecting with anyone.  I observed that I had fallen out of my magic circle, or rather switched social context.  By the way, neither is right or wrong - as long as I choose to be one or the other is the key, because sometimes I like being invisible in public.  

This video talks about magic circles in the context of games but don't limit it to that.  Use music, mindfulness, visual and social cues to frame your experience in life the way that you want it to occur in that moment ... Enjoy :)


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Mind Hack your habits 

I learned some cool hacks at a conference this weekend.  You might be familiar with these already but here we go.  I will just cover off an easy one for now.  This one is hacking an existing habit to add in a new one that you want to develop.  First I will give you a reason why it works with an example.  Let’s say you go to work every day for 10 years following the exact same route.  It’s a habit.  A friend comes to you and tells you about a short-cut that will remove 10 minutes from your travel time to and from work.  You try it out and you find that it is actually 10 minutes shorter.  How long does it take for you to adjust your habit to follow the new detour? As long as the reason why is valid and there is little fear in doing that it’s almost instantaneous!  Yet people tell us that once a neural pathway is laid down, it’s very hard to change it.  This is just a detour.  Could be as difficult as learning an extra verse to a song. 

Let’s say that you have identified a thing that you want to do every day but aren’t doing.  Let me use a simple example of self-appreciation but it could be more practical things as well.  I pick a habit that I do every day, say brushing my teeth and I add on a hack to recite a self-appreciation after brushing my teeth.  See how it works?  It could be something else though like wiping down the table after making a coffee. Any habit that you want to develop.  One of the things I have been struggling with is this annoying little bit of self-talk that comes up about every 6 minutes or so at times.  Instead of trying to eliminate it, I tack on a self-appreciation track to it.  Can you see how I’m repurposing negative self-talk into something quite powerful?  I’m using the strong neural pathway already established and tacking on a detour at the end.  It’s a simple but effective way to re-wire bits of the brain so try it out!

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How to handle fear 

This has to be my favourite topic - how to handle fear.

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How to say no 

Having been a "yes man", here is a good video on learning to say No!...

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Guided Meditation



I love this one

This is a moment of suffering

And suffering is a part of life experienced by humanity

May I give myself kindness and compassion that I need

I welcome and embrace all of my feelings and stay embodied within them

Dissolve the feeling and illusion of dividedness and become one with myself

Love and Belonging

Love and Belonging are irreducible needs.  Without these there is suffering.