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Magic Circles 

Magic Circle is a term coined for people in game-play where they adopt a new set of rules or social values to experience life in a different, imaginary way.  I propose that we are always within a magic circle - or rather a social framework where certain rules, values and expectations are set upon us.  To a very large extent, those rules or limitations are set and created by us and to a lesser degree they are also set by society and the groups that we associate with.

I propose that becoming aware of what social values we apply to ourselves dictates how we behave.  On the weekend, for example, I was at a millionaire conference.  For the most part I was the new me, being able to quickly and easily make new friends.  I connect rapidly at a personal level.  I often hug or give appropriate touch to signal openness and connection.  I mostly hug women but also I hug some of the men as well so there are no boundaries in that respect.  Yet in one of the breaks, I stepped out and somehow slipped back into my old reality and instantly became invisible to the crowd.  I felt awkward and insecure, avoiding eye contact and not connecting with anyone.  I observed that I had fallen out of my magic circle, or rather switched social context.  By the way, neither is right or wrong - as long as I choose to be one or the other is the key, because sometimes I like being invisible in public.  

This video talks about magic circles in the context of games but don't limit it to that.  Use music, mindfulness, visual and social cues to frame your experience in life the way that you want it to occur in that moment ... Enjoy :)


Posted by Glen Monday, June 16, 2014 6:26:00 PM