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Mind Hack your habits 

I learned some cool hacks at a conference this weekend.  You might be familiar with these already but here we go.  I will just cover off an easy one for now.  This one is hacking an existing habit to add in a new one that you want to develop.  First I will give you a reason why it works with an example.  Let’s say you go to work every day for 10 years following the exact same route.  It’s a habit.  A friend comes to you and tells you about a short-cut that will remove 10 minutes from your travel time to and from work.  You try it out and you find that it is actually 10 minutes shorter.  How long does it take for you to adjust your habit to follow the new detour? As long as the reason why is valid and there is little fear in doing that it’s almost instantaneous!  Yet people tell us that once a neural pathway is laid down, it’s very hard to change it.  This is just a detour.  Could be as difficult as learning an extra verse to a song. 

Let’s say that you have identified a thing that you want to do every day but aren’t doing.  Let me use a simple example of self-appreciation but it could be more practical things as well.  I pick a habit that I do every day, say brushing my teeth and I add on a hack to recite a self-appreciation after brushing my teeth.  See how it works?  It could be something else though like wiping down the table after making a coffee. Any habit that you want to develop.  One of the things I have been struggling with is this annoying little bit of self-talk that comes up about every 6 minutes or so at times.  Instead of trying to eliminate it, I tack on a self-appreciation track to it.  Can you see how I’m repurposing negative self-talk into something quite powerful?  I’m using the strong neural pathway already established and tacking on a detour at the end.  It’s a simple but effective way to re-wire bits of the brain so try it out!

Posted by Glen Sunday, May 11, 2014 9:40:00 PM

How to handle fear 

This has to be my favourite topic - how to handle fear.

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