Well-being and prosperity


 Imagine that I went to the river, I drank from the river until I was full. I carried a large container to hold water and filled it up. Then I took some time to travel back to camp, maybe a fair way off an hours walk or two. Then I see my people at the camp. Do I say ‘here I bring you all water – drink as much as you like’. Perhaps I say ‘I have brought you water, this is of value so I want something in return’ or do I pick and choose who gets the water based on who I feel is deserving and tell some that they can’t have water so that they don’t deserve it?
Giving unconditionally seems like a really easy thing to do but it’s not and I can tell you why. If a beggar comes to me in the street and asks me for money for food, then I see them minutes later buying cigarettes or alcohol, I may have resentment toward him. Even if he asked for money and I gave it to him I might still have resentment. Giving unconditionally means though that I am giving out of what I don’t need. I reward myself intrinsically on the spot for giving. It’s the enjoyment and pleasure in myself in that moment that is the reward.
This also brought up something in me about deserving. Do I also feel like I don’t deserve that high-paying job because I didn’t work hard enough for it, I don’t have exactly the right skills or whatever reason it doesn’t really matter. Maybe it's I don't deserve a good friend. If I cannot give unconditionally then how can I expect to receive unconditionally?
Going back to the story, the first step was that I went to the river, I received as much as I could drink and then more. The river gave to me unconditionally its resource. Source gives us energy and water and all resources in abundance for us to do what we will with it without conditions. To give unconditionally out of abundance helps us to know God

Posted by Glen Saturday, April 4, 2015 6:06:00 PM