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What people do has no meaning 

I watched a video recently where the speaker said that life has no meaning, it's only the value that we attach to life that gives it meaning.  I didn't believe it at all at first but I do concede that the value of life is interpreted.  So I might value the life of a human, plant or animal differently to someone else.

What it led me to think about, however, is more practical and significant.  That is that what people do has no meaning until we attach a value to it.  

If I saw a girl dancing, what would be my immediate interpretation?  Is she happy?  Angry?  Did she just step on a nail? Is she flirting?  It's my choice as to what value I attach to it.  Similarly, if I am driving and someone cuts me off - did they deliberately do it to annoy me.  Are they present?  More so, if someone has made me feel hurt, what value do I put on their actions?  I could choose to be angry, sad, hateful, ashamed, powerless and so on.  Perhaps I could decide that their behavior has very little to do about me and a lot to do with themselves.  

I know that a few months ago I hurt the feelings of a friend by my actions but after apologizing and having that apology accepted I held onto the thing and wouldn't let it go.  Perhaps that thing has been long forgotten by them but I was choosing to put an unrealistic value on both the thing that I did.  Instead, I choose to attach to my authentic self and practice relating as authentically as possible in every moment.  

Posted by Glen Wednesday, January 15, 2014 10:59:00 PM